The Proper Method for Redirect Virus Removal

Users who find their Google, Yahoo, or Bing Web searches leading in unanticipated directions may have computers infected with a browser redirect virus. This virus creates redirects Web search results that appear to be valid but redirect to random pages that are usually filled with other malware that can cause even more damage to a computer. Users experiencing this issue should learn the correct technique for redirect virus removal to prevent additional damage to their computer features and settings.

An anti-virus program will not remove this virus even if it was installed prior to acquisition of the malware. The browser-hijacker is actually an application that masquerades as an innocent file residing in an undetectable place on the computer. It can even open a back door to the system, further compromising security. Personal information is at risk and browser searches go somewhere other than desired.

This malware was created to make money for its inventors by generating Web traffic, collecting sales leads for untrusted sites, and fooling people into purchasing virus protection software that does not work. If these techniques do not prove effective, the virus can download additional programs that are misleading or even malicious, creating more problems on the computer. This type of threat is sophisticated enough to avoid the watchful eye of anti-virus software, requiring another removal method.

Manual removal is recommended only for computer users who are technically savvy. The virus may be detected by going into the computer register. After it changes the computer settings, this virus remains dormant on the computer and may assume a file name that is difficult to identify as illegitimate or may pose as an executable file. Users with technical skills may be able to find this file in their computer registries and manually remove it.

Other users should find a tool or program specifically designed to remove this virus. Some of these products are free, while others come at a cost. Reading customer reviews and expert recommendations will reveal which product most effectively removes the browser hijacking virus on a permanent basis. In many cases, the browser hijacker is classified as a Trojan Horse, so a tool can be used that removes that type of virus. One of the main elements of the virus is called TDSS Rootkit, so a program that removes the TDSS virus should also be effective.

The selected program should be downloaded and run on the infected computer. The best product will locate and permanently remove all elements of the virus. If all elements or not removed, the virus can be obtained again, causing additional problems in the future. This will make it necessary to go through the removal process again, which can be very frustrating.

Using a tool or program designed to remove this specific virus is the easiest way to address the issue. Look for a product that features step-by-step instructions for redirect virus removal so there is no chance of making a mistake. Follow each step exactly as outlined and the troublesome browser-hijacking virus should be removed within minutes.

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