Hire a Talented Web Designer for Creating an Attractive and Interactive Website

Web designing is not about designing a visually interesting website, it is all about creating a functional website that not only has a terrific visual appeal but also has the capabilities for enticing the user to explore its pages. Just as small drops of water create an ocean, similarly multiple aspects are involved in the culmination of a spectacular website such as Old Loft and Nine Lion. These websites are not just about design but about smart functionalities and technology convergence. Well, if you want to give an entirely new look to your website and make it more business focused, you need to hire a web designer who comes with knowledge of all the finer nuances of web designing. Some of these are:

• Addition of call to action button- 'Call to Action' button in website design implies the creation of graphic elements to incite action out of the users. Every website has different call to actions depending on their marketing strategy. For e-commerce companies, mostly it is 'Buy Now'. On clicking this button the user is directed to the shopping cart. Every business is governed by a certain goal and a 'Call to action's a very concrete way of directing the target audience to the desired behavior.

• Providing caption for images- Image caption adds a style element to the website and also renders an SEO advantage. Image caption comes in two different varieties. One is a simple business type and the next is the heavy graphic one. Image captions can go a long way in adding a personality to a website.

• Improving the breadcrumb navigation- 'Breadcrumbs 'refers to the secondary navigation scheme that clearly etches a user's position in a website. Breadcrumb navigation functions to minimize the number of 'clicks' or 'actions' a user has to take to reach a particular page. Better breadcrumb navigation creates a better user experience. It's a very minute aspect but goes a long way in maintaining repeat customers.

• Intelligent designing of the search box- In the modern web world, 'search 'function forms the backbone of any website. As per the usability perspective, a user mostly uses this option available in a particular website when he or she is unable find a particular object or information. Therefore, this feature can either satisfy a potential customer or create an element of disgust.

• Smart designing of 'Read more 'and 'Continue Reading'- These two features go a long way in creating an element of interest in the reader. The effectiveness of these features mostly rest with content person. An effective piece of content with a 'Read More 'or 'Continue Reading' link prompts the reads to click and get directed to a page that has the complete piece of information. These two links might also prompt a user to go and make transactions. So a lot of small small things can lend greater impacts than just design.

Apart from this, providing a gallery for images, adding progress trackers, building a 'Coming Soon 'page can greatly impact the ROI. Therefore, you should always hire a web designer keeping in mind the kind of projects he or she has worked on.

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