Document Scanning Software for the Modern Office

The 20th and 21st centuries have seen innumerable innovations that make business processes much more efficient and production that much faster. The latest of these is document scanning software. This nifty piece of technology takes physical copies of documents and digitizes them so that they can be easily edited, copied, indexed, shared, and printed from computers and other devices.

What is Document Scanning Software?

Document scanning is a two-step process. First, the document or a picture of the document is scanned. Next, the software converts the image into an editable text file to be stored in a document database. The process takes minutes and eliminates the need for data encoding, which is a time-consuming task.

Why It is Important

There are many benefits from document scanning software. Aside from increasing workplace efficiency, saving space, and reducing expenses (from outsourcing data entry tasks and off-site storage facilities), it also helps create a better working environment, modernizes a company, and ensures the security of important documents. Here are four more reasons why the software is essential:

Productivity Boost

When data retrieval is made easy, employees can use their time to actually work on projects and create more output. Instead of spending their working hours looking for information and scouring shelves and cabinets for files, they can simply pull up documents from their computers. Document scanning software makes this possible.

Disaster Recovery

Hard copies are vulnerable because they can easily get lost and damaged by fire, moisture, insects, and mold. They can also be easily misplaced or stolen. On the other hand, documents that have been digitized can be easily backed up on secure network servers. They are not susceptible to fire, water, and absent-minded employees.

Customer Satisfaction

When documents are available on computers, customers don't have to be kept waiting while employees search for information. They can also be accessed from remote locations and off-shore sites, making response time to customer inquiries much faster.

Everything in its Place

If you've ever peeked into a file closet, then you know how chaotic it can be. Filing cabinets are subject to the activities of many employees, which means that files and folders are often disarranged or missing. Meanwhile, when documents are stored on computers or databases, they are always organized and easy to locate.

How to Choose the Right One

Before you choose a document scanning software, ask yourself these:

Is it simple and effective?

Will the staff have a hard time using it? Does it offer any unnecessary functions? Will it be able to scan large and small amounts of documents? How long will it take to scan batches of paperwork? Does it work faster than other software? Will it integrate well with other office management products that you use such as billing software?

Is it a long-term solution?

Is it cutting-edge? Does it offer a kind of technology that other companies don't? Will it adapt to changes in your business? If the business becomes bigger, will it be able to handle a larger database? Will it be replaced by a better solution within the next 10 years?

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